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Sophos transfers the rights to continue Sophos SafeGuard LAN Crypt to the specialist for authentication and encryption solutions - conpal GmbH

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In October 2018 you have been informed by Sophos, that the rights for the future development, support and marketing of SafeGuard LAN Crypt has been transferred to conpal.

The transfer of the Source Code was under the condition, that the relevant German government authorities would agree and give permission to the transfer. The permission was granted at the beginning of January 2019.

Thanks to consistent preparation and professional support from Sophos, conpal completed the takeover of the Source Code of SafeGuard LAN Crypt, including the transfer of the necessary development and support infrastructure.

1. The “Upgrade Release” – continuity in the transition phase

As previously announced and contractually agreed with Sophos, we provide an “Upgrade Release” for all SafeGuard LAN Crypt customers.

The “Upgrade Release” is the first version of LAN Crypt released by conpal and forms the technical basis for further development of the product as well as for a professional support by conpal and the conpal partners.

To allow existing customers of SafeGuard LAN Crypt an uncomplicated, quick and thus smooth transition, the “Upgrade Release” has been designed in a way that the necessary transition is associated with the least possible effort.

The “Upgrade Release” is available and carries the version 3.97. conpal LAN Crypt Client 3.97 replaces the last version released by Sophos, SafeGuard LAN Crypt Client 3.95.3. The “Upgrade Release” supports the actual Windows 10 Version 1809 as well as Terminal Server environments.

2. An Outlook: Following up the “Upgrade Release”?

The “Upgrade Release” is the first step in the evolution of the well-established enterprise encryption solution for sensitive data. In Q4 2019, conpal plans to provide a “Feature Release” called conpal LAN Crypt 4.0.

conpal LAN Crypt 4.0 will provide the client with immediately needed improvements (client and administration). This includes, for example, changing the architecture of the encryption filter driver to mini-filters, because Microsoft has discontinued legacy filter support. The content and functionality of the “Feature Release” will be announced.

3. What are the most urgent questions?

Since Sophos has officially informed all LAN Crypt Customers and partners about the planned transfer of the product, we have received quite a number of questions affecting a variety of topics in relation to the transfer of SafeGuard LAN Crypt to conpal LAN Crypt.

In order to satisfy the most urgent needs on additional information during the transition phase, we have updated our FAQ (please see below).


1. What is the Upgrade Release?

With the "Upgrade Release" conpal provides the first version of LAN Crypt after taking over the source code from Sophos, which will be made available to all existing customers as conpal LAN Crypt 3.97. The "Upgrade Release" replaces the last version of SafeGuard LAN Crypt Client 3.95.3 released by Sophos.

2. How do I get access to the “Upgrade Release”? Do I need to register?

To get access to the “Upgrade Release”, a registration (see below) is mandatory. Registered customers will receive additional information by email on how to download the product.

3. Since when has the ”Upgrade release” been available?

conpal LAN Crypt Client 3.97 has been released since mid-June 2019 and is available for download by registered customers.

4. Is the “Upgrade Release” free of charge?

The “Upgrade Release” and all subsequent versions of LAN Crypt are free of charge for all customers with an active maintenance contract. SafeGuard LAN Crypt Customers whose maintenance has expired in the meantime may renew their maintenance agreement under the existing conditions. To continue maintenance, please contact conpal via SalesSupport@conpal.de.

5. Will the installation of the “Upgrade Release” be mandatory?

The "Upgrade Release" LAN Crypt Version 3.97 forms the technical base for all subsequent versions of LAN Crypt, as well as for technical support by conpal. Patches or updates for the client and the administration will be based on that version. The fact that support for Windows 10/1809 or OneDrive will be based on version 3.97 may justify the effort.

6. What are the technical requirements to migrate to the “Upgrade Release”?

The migration to the “Upgrade Release”, requires the latest SafeGuard Client 3.95.3. published by Sophos (including patch 1806). The installed Administration should be the latest version 3.90.

7. How do I migrate to the “Upgrade Release”?

conpal LAN Crypt Client 3.97 comes as a MSI package, that upgrades the SafeGuard LAN Crypt Client during the installation process. Administration settings (user, user groups, keys etc.) that have been defined before starting the Upgrade, will be taken over.

8. How complex is the transition to the „Upgrade Release“?

We have designed the transition to the „Upgrade Release“ as smooth as possible. The upgrade process replaces the SafeGuard LAN Crypt Client within the established software distribution process. For the LAN Crypt user the migration of the client will be transparent.

9. Will it be necessary to start the migration process of the “Upgrade Release” even though the support from Sophos will be available until 30.09.2019?

conpal recommends to start the preparations (evaluation, tests, internal release process) for the upgrade with the availability of the “Upgrade Release”. Of course the starting point is determined by yourself.

10. Will previously purchased licenses of Sophos SafeGuard LAN Crypt remain valid?

The SafeGuard LAN Crypt licenses were provided by Sophos as “perpetual licenses” and therefore they will remain valid for an indefinite period. However, free access to the Upgrade Release and all subsequent versions of LAN Crypt, requires a valid maintenance contract.

11. The maintenance and support contract for Sophos SafeGuard LAN Crypt is about to expire. How and where can maintenance contracts be renewed / extended?

For any questions regarding renewal or extension of maintenance and support contracts, we kindly ask to contact conpal (see contact e-mail following the FAQ section). We will get in contact with you in a timely manner and take care of all necessary details.

12. Can maintenance contracts be concluded with existing suppliers?

As agreed with Sophos, maintenance contracts can be renewed via the existing supply partner relationship, as long as the partner will support this. Otherwise please contact conpal directly.

13. How do I get support for the “Upgrade Release” and the subsequent versions of LAN Crypt?

With the deployment of the “Upgrade Release” support will be provided by conpal and conpal partners.

14. Will the name of the product be changed?

The product name will be changed to conpal LAN Crypt with the availability of the “Upgrade Release”. References to SafeGuard LAN Crypt will remain in the product during the transition period as agreed with Sophos.

15. How can I get a trial version for conpal LAN Crypt?

Trial versions are available from conpal.

16. Will the license and price model change?

The license and price model introduced by Sophos will be maintained during the transition phase to grant continuity.

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